Being Confident in God’s Presence

My friends would always wonder how come I have been to a place and yet I don’t really know how to get there. The answer is pretty much simple. When my husband and I travel I pretty much just sit back and relax, usually that’s the time I put on my makeup, to save time, or I simply enjoy the ride. I don’t really pay much attention to the directions, but I just enjoy the company of my darling husband as we usually use this time to talk, listen to music and all.Even if at times, we get lost, I still do not bother to worry because I know my husband will find a way to get to the right place.

In the same way, that when we are in the presence of God, even in the midst of problems, chaos, turbulent times, we as God’s children should feel secure and confident, that He will always guide us, protect us and lead us to the right path, as long as we obey Him. In the same way that my husband reads and obey the road signs in going to the place, we too as God’s children must read His Word, through the Bible faithfully and obey Him dutifully.

At the end of the day, our travel with Him will be satisfying and joyful, even if there are humps and tough rugged roads ahead of us, though our life may have some bumps ahead, as long as Jesus is the Driver of Our Life, and we do not try to control the Driver, and let Him do His Holy Job, we will definitely arrive at our proper destination.

God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, “ For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Wow, isn’t Our God amazing? His plans for us is to prosper us, that’s why we need not fret nor worry, even if the road seems dark and bleak, as long as we obey the Lord!

But if at time we do not follow the Road Signs of God, and would rather obey our own fleshy desires, God is still patiently waiting for us to make a U- turn, for us to be back on the track, That’s how God loves us to the utmost!

A New Day!

Today may seem to be just another day for everyone… But to those who have cancer or to those who are afflicted with certain diseases,  who are in death beds or to those who are on death row, this is a very special day.

Most of us just take for granted all our blessings, and even worse, upon waking up, we think of all the negative things, like tuition fees , electric bill, and all those other bills to pay, and we focus on all our problems that we forgot to thank Him who has given us so much blessings in life, like the air we breathe, the loved ones who care for us no matter what, our faithful friends who stand by us in good times and bad times, our perky dog who sometimes get it when were in an awful mood, the flowers that bloom for us in spring, those amazing things all around us.

We just need to stop a while, look around us, and  to appreciate all the wonderful things around us, and to focus more on His blessings than on what’s missing…

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